Year Six Thesis Project


YE A R    S I X   T H E S I S    P R O J E CT

Dementia care towards an integrated solution:

Exploring a combination of care and education to promote intergenerational activity and reduce the frequency of ‘one size fits all care homes’

Forget-me-not village is a dementia specialised care complex in the heart of Kirton Lindsey in Lincolnshire. The project aims to reduce the stigma surrounding dementia through intergenerational activity with primary schools, so that care homes do not present a one size fits all solution to dementia but instead speak about life and living, independence and dignity. Individuals are accommodated in family groups according to their lifestyle, hobbies and interests so that they can live and make friends with those who share the same interests and values in life. This makes where they live ‘home’.

Year Six Architecture Design Portfolio